At the end of every lesson we will have a page like this one. If you have created a user account, you will be able to leave your ideas, add to the comments of others, etc. If you are familiar with the concept, this is a "Wiki" page (much like Wikipedia uses). Please share your insights with others. This is a great way to build a community around our mission. Thanks. And please include your name at the end of the idea.

  1. Divide the class into two parts and have a speed contest. Each team has a captain. One member of each class comes to the front, the captian says a term they should know (e.g., "sigma"), and the student writes the answer on the board and returns to his seat. Then the second, etc. The first team to have all the student participate twice wins. Each team is allowed one pass (i.e., a student says that he doesn't know and can sit down). A variation is to allow the rest of the students to help the one at the board by giving hints, but not until 5 seconds have passed since the captain said the term.  (Bill Mounce)
  2. Playing games can be a fun way to learn. Maybe we could spell didaskalos making the shape of the letter with your body. (Elia Scollard)
  3. I made some transliteration exericises for my children and linked within the post an example . I made some alphabet sheets and they include  the stroke order leave a comment on my blog if you spot any errors (Tarnya)