Welcome teachers

I have been teaching Greek for many years, primarily for adults in college and seminary. All along, I thought it would be fun if I could help younger people learn one of the languages Jesus spoke and the language in which the New Testament is written.

When I started this project, my three children were 12, 11, and 7, and decided that now was a great time for them to learn Greek, and they wanted to. So we got together with their friends, and out of that experience this class was created.

I have tried to find a happy medium in terms of the amount of work for one day. It can't be too much for a fourth grader in a 50 minute class, but it can't be boring for a sixth grader. If you are teaching Junior High students, you may want to do 2 "Days" of work in one class period. You can be the judge. My recommendation is just be sure to set a regular pace.