System requirements


This site has been created using the FireFox browser that can be downloaded for free for many computer platforms (click here). If you are having display problems, consider using Firefox. Please do not use Internet Explorer; it can't display the Greek properly.


It makes heavy use of QuickTime, which can be downloaded for free for Macintosh and Windows computer (click here). There is also a QuickTime plugin available, which allows you to view pdf documents inside your browser. Without the plugin, you will be forced to download the pdf file to your computer.


Many of the downloadable files are in PDF format. Your computer most likely has a program called Acrobat Reader, which can display and print these files. If not, click here.

RTF files

Most of the downloadable assignments are in rtf format. This is a file format developed by Microsoft that most word processing programs can read.

Greek font

We use Teknia's Greek font, TekniaGreek, which can be downloaded for free for Macintosh and Windows computers (click here). You can also download a pdf file that will show you how to type the Greek characters.

English font

We use several English fonts, but the most significant is Lucida. It is a Microsoft font that is automatically loaded when you use their software. If you don't have it, you may want to install Internet Explorer and see if it comes with that application. Otherwise it probably comes with Word.