Now that you know what a predicate nominative is, you can better understand some of the earlier sentences you learned. In fact, all of the phrases we learned in Sections 1 and 2 used eijmiv and a predicate nominative. Here they are for review.

Say them all out loud, translate them, and identify the subject and predicate nominative.

  1. ejstin oJ didavskaloV

  2. ejstin didavskaloV mou

  3. aujthv ejstin didavskaloV mou

  4. aujtovV ejstin didavskaloV mou

  5. ejgw; eijmi maqhthvV

  6. aujto;V ejstin maqhthvV

  7. aujthv ejstin maqhthvV

  8. caivrein. to; o[noma mou ejstin oJ Dauivd.

  9. tiv o[noma sou ejstin~

  10. oJ qeo;V ajgavph ejstivn.