(phrase 4)

mh; ajpovlhtai
ajll= e[ch/ zwh;n aijwvnion.
  • You know what mhv means.
  • ajpovlhtai means "might perish." It is a weird verb that you wouldn't learn this year.
  • ajll= looks like ajllav, doesn't it? Actually, it is. When ajllav is followed by a word beginning with a vowel, ajllav changes to ajll=. It does this because it is easier to say. We do the same thing in English, don't we? Can you think of when we change the form of a word when the next word begins with a vowel?)
  • e[ch/ means "he (or she) might have."
  • zwh;n is from the feminine word zwvh that means "life." We will learn this in the Section 6.
  • aijwvnion means "eternal." This is another way to list an adjective. "Life eternal" means "eternal life."