John 3:16

You have learned a lot of grammar this Section. Let's take the rest of this Lesson to have some fun and review. Let's learn John 3:16. There are some words and grammar in this verse you don't yet know, but we can still memorize the verse, understand most of it, and show our parents and friends what you are learning.

Here is the entire verse. Write it out on paper, and I will walk through the different parts of it in the following pages.

ou{twV ga;r hjgavphsen oJ qeo;V to;n kovsmon,

w{ste to;n uiJo;n to;n monogenh: e[dwken,

i{na pa:V oJ pisteuvwn eijV aujto;n

mh; ajpovlhtai ajll= e[ch/ zwh;n aijwvnion.