Practice (answers)

If you do not get all of these correct, that is okay. This is a difficult exercise and there is some tricky stuff here. But learn from your mistakes.

English to Greek

 1. "God hears the word.

  • oJ qeo;V ajkouvei to;n lovgon.
  • aujto;V ajkouvei aujtovn.

Notice that I used the masculine aujtovn. Why? If lovgon were personal (like a person's name), then the pronoun would have followed natural gender, and it would be aujtovn if lovgon were a man or aujthvn if lovgon were a woman. But because lovgon is impersonal (in terms of grammar), the pronoun will be the same gender as its antecedent. Make sense?

2. "Jesus hears God."

  • oJ =Ihsou:V ajkouvei to;n qeovV.
  • aujto;V ajkouvei aujtovn.

3. "God hears the words."

  • oJ qeo;V ajkouvei tou;V lovgouV.
  • aujto;V ajkouvei aujtouvV.

4. "The apostle receives the word."

  • oJ ajpovstoloV lambavnei to;n lovgon.
  • aujto;n lambavnei aujtovn.

5. "Teachers take the word."

  • didavskaloi lambavnousi to;n lovgon.
  • aujtoi; lambavnousi aujtovn.

6. "Yes. Peter preaches the word."

  • naiv. oJ PevtroV khruvssei to;n lovgon.
  • naiv. su; khruvssei aujtovn.

Did you remember khruvssei from the song?

Did you remember that you are Peter?

7. "The angels say words."

  • levgousi oiJ a[ggeloi lovgouV.
  • levgousi aujtoi; aujtouvV.

8. "Peter and Jacob hear an angel."

  • ajkouvousi oJ PevtroV kai; oJ =IavkwboV a[ggelon.
  • ajkouvousi aujtoi; aujtovn.

9. "David hears the words."

  • ajkouvei oJ Daui;d tou;V lovgouvV.
  • ajkouvei aujto;V aujtouvV.

10. "Jacob and Peter and the angels receive Jesus and God."

  • lambavnousi oJ =IavkwboV kai; oJ PevtroV kai; oiJ a[ggleoi to;n =Ihsou:n kai; to;n qeovn.
  • lambavnousi aujtoi; aujtouvV.

Greek to English

1. hJ grafh; levgei tou;V lovgouV.

  • "Scripture says the words."

2. ta; paidiva ajkouvousi to;n a[ggelon.

  • "The children hear the angel."

3. ajgapw: ejgw; to;n qevon.

  • "I love God."

4. to;n Pevtron kai; to;n =Iavkwbon ajkouvei oJ ajpovstoloV.

  • "The apostle hears Peter and Jacob."