English to Greek

1. "God hears the word."

2. "Jesus hears God."

3. "God hears the words."

4. "The apostle receives the word."

5. "Teachers take the word."

For the next five practice sentences, do not list the subject as the first word. Follow normal Greek order of verb - subject - direct object.

6. "Yes. Peter preaches the word."

7. "The angels say words."

8. "Peter and Phoebe hear an angel."

9. "David hears the words."

10. "Jacob and Peter and the angels hear Jesus and God."

Greek to English

1. hJ grafh; levgei tou;V lovgouV.

2. ta; paidiva ajkouvousi to;n a[ggelon.

3. ajgapw: ejgw; to;n qevon.

4. to;n Pevtron kai; to;n =Iavkwbon ajkouvei oJ ajpovstoloV.

Try your hand at it

It is great exercise to make these practice sentences up as well. Go ahead and give it a shot. If you really like yours, add it to the lesson's wiki.