Many of these words are from the song, "Jesus Love Me."

term meaning
ὁ θεός God, god

The same word is used for the true God and for false gods.

"Theo" is used in many English words.  Theology is the study of God. A theocracy is a government run by God. A theodicy is a philosophical defense of God. How many more can you think of?
ἡ ἀγάπη love

Agape was a rather meaningless word in Greek, but Jesus used it to define his love for the unlovely, for those who do not deserve his love.
ἀγαπάω I love

As you can see, the verb and the noun are from the same root.
ὁ Ἰησοῦς Jesus
με me

This is another form of ἐγώ, even though it doesn't look like it. We will learn more about this later. ἐγώ is the form used when it is the subject of the verb ("I"), and με is the form used when it is the direct object ("me").
ὅτι that, since, because
ἡ γραφή Scripture, writing

The Greek word αὐτός can mean "same" or "own." An autograph is the writing of one's own name.
κηρύσσω I proclaim, preach

The noun form of this verb is κήρυγμα. It means "preaching, proclamation." This is an important word in biblical studies. It is used to describe the basic message that was preached in Acts. The kerygma is the preaching that (1) Jesus lived, (2) died for our sins, (3) was raised, (4) and we are called to respond. It is helpful to read through the early chapters of Acts and find this pattern of preaching.
τὰ παιδία children

παιδία is a plural noun. τά is the plural form of τό.
αὐτῷ to him

This is another form of αὐτός.
ναί yes
οὐ no
συ, σε you

συ is the form of the word when it is the subject of the verb, and σε is the form when it is the direct object.