Part of learning any language is learning vocabulary. Unless you know the words, you can't speak or read the language.

At the end of every lesson is a list of the vocabulary words you have learned. Here are some hints for learning the words.

  • Be sure to memorize the words exactly. Get every letter correct.
  • Learn to write them and to say them and to recognize them being said.
  • Be sure to practice your vocabulary out loud. Get friends to help you.
  • Go both directions. Be able to hear the Greek word and you say and write the Greek word. And then be able to read or hear the Greek word and you say the English word.

Greek and English

Part of learning Greek vocabulary is seeing how English has borrowed words (or parts of words) from Greek. I will put examples of these in your vocabulary lists. It is always fun to think of other English words that were borrowed from the same Greek word. The word(s) in square brackets are in the example sentence to help you learn the English word.


term meaning


"didactic" means "pertaining to education."
"Different teachers have different didactic [teaching] methods."