Subject and verb

But what if your teacher isn't a "he" but a "she"? How do you say "She is my teacher"? First a little English grammar.

What is a "verb"? Is it a word that describes an action.

  • He hit the car.
  • She ate the food.
  • The clock struck twelve.

The word "is" is also a verb. It doesn't describe action but is still a verb. "Is" occurs in different forms. Do you know what some of them are?

  • "are"
  • "was"
  • "were"

What is the "subject" of the verb? It is what does the action of the verb.

  • Who hit the car? He hit the car.
  • Who ate the food? She ate the food.
  • What struck twelve? The clock struck twelve.

As you can see, we can find the subject by asking "Who" or "What" of the verb. So be sure to remember these two words and what they mean:

  • Subject
  • Verb



Josh commenting on his mom's page.
            For your third question about the english subject (meaning the question: What did the clock strike?), I think the question should be; "What struck twelve? The clock struck twelve." Otherwise, the question is asking what the clock struck. But the answer, twelve, is not the subject, it is the direct object.

Good catch. Thanks. I will fix it.