1. What are the Greek words for "my," "she," and "he"?

μου, αὐτή, αὐτός

2. What are the names of the letters in all three words?

mu, omicron, upsilon
alpha, upsilon, tau, eta
alpha, upsilon, tau, omicron, sigma

3. What is the definition of a diphthong? What are the two Greek diphthongs you know?

Two vowels that make one sound
ου and αυ

4. How do you say "He is my teacher" and "She is my teacher"?

αὐτὸς ἐστιν διδάσκαλος μου
αὐτὴ ἐστιν διδάσκαλος μου

5. What did you learn about Greek word order?

Greek words don't always follow the same order as English words.

Adjectives can come after the word they modify.

6. Define a "verb" and give three examples.

A verb is a word that describes an action.


7. Define a "subject" and give three examples.

A subject does the action of the verb.

I like Greek.
They study hard.

The boat blew up.

8. What are three ways you can translate ἐστιν?

He is
She is
It is