Words are made up of letters. There are eight letters in "alphabet." There are ten letters in διδάσκαλος.

Letters are combined into "syllables." Syllables are just groups of letters that make a sound together. You did not say δ-ι-δ-ά-σ-κ-α-λ-ο-ς. You said δι-δα-σκα-λος. "al-pha-bet" has three syllables. δι-δα-σκα-λος has four syllables.

Syllables are combined to form a word. Go ahead and say the word, pronouncing each syllable clearly.

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It was pretty easy to say the word with syllables, wasn't it? Why?

  1. You listened to me say it.
  2. Greek words divide into syllables much like English words, so it is natural for English speakers.

Just keep listening to me, and seeing the syllables in a word will be natural for you.



U sing this with younger kids I have found that using an English example before using the Greek example helps them a lot. The word that I chose to use was "alphabet" al-pha-bet. It is aword that they all are fimiliar with.

 Great idea. I will add it in.