You should always review what you have learned at the end of the day. In fact, before starting a new day, you may want to review the previous day.

If you find that you are having trouble with something, you can always print out another copy of the homework and do it again. As always, be sure to both write and say your homework. Be sure to say it out loud and not just in your head.

This is the only time I will give instructions for the review; they are basically the same:

  • be sure you know everything in the review;
  • go back through the pages of the Day's lesson if you need to;
  • reprint the handouts for additional practice;
  • take the quiz without looking up the answers;
  • always review the quiz from the previous day before starting a new day.

Here is what we learned today

1. δ (delta) is the "d" sound.

2. ι (iota) can be a short "i" sound and a long "e" sound. It is a vowel.=

3. α (alpha) is a short "a" sound. It is a vowel.

4. σ (sigma) is the "s" sound. When it is the last letter in a word it is written as a ς.

5. κ (kappa) is the "k" sound.

6. λ (lambda) is the "l" sound.

7. ο (omicron) is the short "o" sound. It is a vowel.

8. Words break into syllables. There must be at least one vowel in each syllable.

9. A Greek accent marks which syllable should be stressed when saying a word.

10. Transliterations are a way to refer to a Greek letter using an English letter.

Wow. That's a lot for one day isn't it? But I am sure you did well. Remember, you can go back over the pages in a lesson as many times as you wish.



I love your site. We printed off the practice pages, but weren't sure which letters went with which symbols. We did our best at guessing and I think we figured it out, however, it seems like you have omega in there which is not in the word didaskolos. That was confusing for us. Perhaps you should write the word for the letters above each one, since that is not shown anywhere else on the lesson (letter: omicron, etc.) I hope this makes sense so it can be helpful. I hope to use your site to teach my children Greek. Thank you so much!

Good idea.I am stating to work back through the handouts and will do that.

I never knew learning greek was so easy!