If you feel like you have learned a lot of Greek already, you have. Good job.

At the end of every section I will give you a review. This may also be a good time for your teacher to test you on the material.

Tests are not a big deal. If you have been learning your Greek a little bit every day, they aren't that hard. That, by the way, is part of the secret of learning Greek: a little bit each day. If you try to skip days, and then work really hard on one day, you probably wouldn't learn the material and you certainly wouldn't enjoy the class.

Section reviews are not like reviews for each lesson. Section reviews are written as tests.

Eventually, there will be lots of fun stuff on review days. Stuff like games. But for now, there are just the reviews. But when we are done with Lesson 2 and know all the letters, we can play some Bingo.

Lesson One Review

1. Write out "He is my teacher" in Greek.

2. Identify every letter in the sentences in #1.

3. What are the six vowels we have learned so far?

4. Write out "She is my teacher" in Greek and break each word into syllables.

5. Explain the smooth and rough breathing marks. Tell me everything you know about them.

6. In what way does a verb agree with its subject?

7. Define "diphthong."