(Greek pronouns)

αὐτός he
αὐτή she
αὐτῷ to him
ἐγώ I
μου my
με me
σου your
σε you

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Please notice that αὐτός, αὐτή, and αὐτῷ are all forms of the same word.

Also note that ἐγώ and με are different forms of the same word. They belong together, even though they don't look alike.



LOVE all that ya'll are doing on this website. I think it the best language curriculum I have seen yet. I really like how ya'll incorporate all the senses (well, most of them anyway) :). Thanks for all you're hard work, it's a blessing.

The list read my the professor does not match the list on the page, and includes words that are not pronouns.