Jesus loves me

There were some vocabulary words we need to memorize from the song. Get out your sheet music, review the song, and them memorize these words.We already know the word for "Jesus."

ὁ Ἰησοῦς Jesus
με me
ἀγαπάω I love
ὅτι that, since, because
ἡ γραφή Scripture, writing
κηρύσσω I proclaim, preach
παιδία children
αὐτῷ to him
ναί yes

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Some of these vocabulary words are forms of other words. We will learn more about this in Lesson 4. For now, just memorize them.

με is a form of ἐγώ in the same way that "me" is a form of "I."

αὐτῷ is a form of αὐτός. αὐτός means "he" and αὐτῷ means "to him."

I will talk about κηρύσσω and ἀγαπάω on the following screens.



The text has ἡ γραφή but the Professor doesn't say ἡ

Also I prefer "the following pages" rather than "the following screens".