God is love

Let's start with something fun. 1 John 4:16 tells us that God is love. How would you say that in Greek?

"God": The Greek word for "God" is θεός. Unlike English, it is always written with the definite article. So "God" is ὁ θεός.

"Is": You already know that the Greek word for "is" is εἰμί. But what person and number would it be in this verse? Because there is only one God, εἰμί will be singular. Because "God" is third person, εἰμί will use its third person form. So the form we will use is ἐστίν.

"Love": The word for "love" is ἀγάπη.

Finally, we have learned that Greek word order isn't always the same as English. John used this word order: God - love - is.

So how will you say this in Greek?