One last thing to learn today

When I ask you to parse a verb, I am asking you to tell me five things about it. Take for example the form ἀκούεις. If I were to ask you to parse ἀκούεις, I want you to tell me that it is:

  1. second person
  2. singular
  3. present
  4. from ἀκούω
  5. meaning "you hear."

You need to tell me the verb's lexical form (step #4). You need to be able to do this so you can find the word in the lexicon and look up its meaning (if you don't already know it).

In step #5, be sure to give me the definition of the inflected form. This means that you will give me the subject that is contained in the verb and indicate both person and number.

When parsing words, always give me the meaning of the inflected form. If the inflected form is ἀκούεις, you would not say it means "hear." You would say it means "you hear."