"I hear"

The verb that means "I hear" is ἀκούω. Let's see how it changes to indicate person and number.

1 sg ἀκούω I hear
2 sg ἀκούεις You hear
3 sg ἀκούει He/she/it hears
1 pl ἀκούομεν We hear
2 pl ἀκούετε Y'all hear
3 pl ἀκούουσι They hear

We need to practice saying this paradigm. The professor will say the Greek word and then what it means. You should be speaking out loud along with him.

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Things look a little simpler, don't they. The main part of the verb stays the same: ἀκου. Only the endings are changing. Greek verbs are more like ἀκούω than they are like εἰμί.

Before we memorize this, let's talk about it for a little.