1. What is the definition of a verb?

A verb is a word that describes action. "Is" is also a verb.

2. What is the definition of a subject?

The subject is what does the action of the verb.

3. If there is no actual word that is the subject, how do you know the subject?

The subject is always contained in the verb.

4. What is agreement?

A verb has to have the same person and number as the subject.

5. What are the three "persons"? Give their name and define them.

First person is the person speaking (I," "we").

Second person is the person spoken to ("you).

Third person is everything else ("he," "they," all other nouns like "car" or "book").

6. How does a verb show agreement with its subject?

It does this by altering its form.

7. What is the full paradigm of εἰμί?

1 sg
I am
2 sg
You are
3 sg
He/she/it is

1 pl
We are
2 pl
Y'all are
3 pl
They are