The verb "to be"

We have learned several forms of the verb eijmiv. (This is the English verb "to be.")

The chart below is called a "paradigm." "Paradigm" is a special word that refers to a chart showing the forms of a word.

Here are the three forms you know.

1 sg εἰμί I am
2 sg    
3 sg ἐστίν He/she/it is
1 pl ἐσμέν We are
2 pl    
3 pl    

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The first column tells you the person (1, 2, or 3) and the number (singular or plural).

Important: ἐστίν does not mean "he/she/it is." ἐστίν means "he is" or "she is" or "it is." "He/she/it is" is just a quick way of writing it.



1st person plural is written on the chart, but 3rd person plural "eisin" is said in the recording.