1. We learned a lot of Greek names today. Check with your teacher to see if you are to memorize them.

2. There are three ways to say "hello."

χαίρειν (if it is a formal situation)
χαίρε (if you are speaking to one friend)
χαίρετε (if you are speaking to a group of friends)

3. In order to say, "Hello, My name is David" in a formal situation, you would say, χαίρειν. τὸ ὄνομα μου ἐστιν ὁ Δαυίδ.

4. In return, if you were to ask what the other person's name is, you would ask, τὶ ὄνομα σου ἐστιν;

5. When you are done with your conversation you would say ἔρρωσο (if you are talking to one person) or ἔρρωσθε (if you are addressing more than one person).

6. Be sure you can sing "Jesus loves me" and the "Doxology."