Okay. One more song. Do you sing the Doxology at church? Here is the Greek version of the song. Some of these words are hard to say, so take your time learning them and get them right.

This is my favorite song. A very famous professor, Dr. J. I . Packer wrote it for me, so it is special. (Dr. Packer has written many books, but my favorite is Knowing God. You parents or teacher probably know the book. When you are older you should read it too.)

τὸν θεὸν ὡ δοξάζετε,

εὐδοκήσαντα δωρεάν,

τὰ κτίσματ᾿ ἅ πεποίηκεν,

πάτερα, υἱόν, καὶ πνεὺμα.


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