Gamma gamma

Gamma is usually pronounced as a hard "g" sound, unless there are two in a row. In this case, the first is pronounced as a "n." Try to say this word pronouncing both gammas as a "g."


You can't really, can you? The two "g" sounds in a row are difficult to say. So the Greeks pronounced the γγ combination as "νγ," which are transliterated as "ng."

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This is going to be really easy for you to remember. What does ὁ ἄγγελος mean? Just say it. Right. ἄγγελος means "angel." See how the γγ came into English an "ng"?

Interesting: the first gamma is called a "gamma nasal." Weird term, huh? "Nasal" refers to sounds made by letting air out your nose. Try to say "n" with your nose plugged. Good luck, and don't faint from lack of air. Anyway, because the gamma is pronounced as a nasal sound, it is called gamma nasal.