We are going to be learning several Greek names. The first is the name for "Peter."

ὁ πέτρος

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There are several things to learn here.

1. Greek names generally have the word "the" in front of them. When you speak Greek, be sure to say ὁ πέτρος and not just πέτρος. When you translate ὁ πέτρος, you do not include "the" in your translation.

2. The first letter in the name (πέτρος) is the letter pi. In math class you may have learned to call this Greek letter a "pi" (with a long "i" sound), but it is properly pronounced "pi" with a long "e" sound.

3. However, Greek Bibles capitalizes the first letter of the word, like we do in English, so the name will be written as ὁ Πέτρος. We will be learning capital letters as we go, but they are not really a big deal because most of the time the small letter and capital letter look alike.

ὁ Πέτρος