Let's start by learning how to say hello. The Greek word is a little harder to say than usual, so listen carefully to the professor.


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There are three things we need to learn about this word.

The first letter is a new letter. The χ is the Greek letter chi, which makes a ch sound.

αι is another diphthong. It is pronounce like the "ai" is "aisle."

ει is also a diphthong. It is pronounced like the long "a" sound as in "eight."

Be sure to practice saying this word until you get all the pieces correct. It has two syllables: χαί - ρειν.



Here, you introduce 2 dipthongs, αι and ει.
These are the 2 you expect in the answer to quiz question #4:

4. What two diphthongs did we learn today and how are they pronounced?

However, your "Home » 2. Alphabet (part 2) » Lesson 2 » Phoebe" slide,
uses the οι dipthong in its display and pronuncation of the word ἡ Φοίβη (Phoebe).
οι was 1 of the 2 dipthongs our son gave for his answer, so I marked it correct.
Since the "Phoebe" slide displays/pronounces the οι dipthong as part of the word the word ἡ Φοίβη,
it might be best to explain about the οι dipthong there and ask for 3 dipthongs on the quiz.

Thank you.