A student

So let's learn how to say, "a student."

Here is an interesting fact about Greek. It does not have the word "a." You cannot say "a" in Greek. We would say, "He is a student." Greek says, "He is student."

Here is the rule: if the Greek does not have the word "the," you can add "a" into your translation. In most cases, if the Greek word for "the" is present, you would not say "a."

In English we do not say "I am student." We say, "I am a student." When you speak Greek, there is nothing to worry about; there is nothing to say.

So how do you say, "I am a student"?

Grammar: The proper term for the word "a" is "indefinite article." In other words, the indefinite article in English is "a." If you say "a car" rather than "the car," you are not thinking of any one car. You are thinking of one car in particular. That is why we say "a" is "indefinite."