I am a student

We have been learning to say that he or she is my teacher. Can you remember how to say that?

Now it is time to say, "I am a student." Let's start with "I."

The Greek word for "I" is


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You know all the letters except for the last letter that looks like an English "w." It is pronounced as a long "o." Listen to the Professor.



With this word "I" you are introducing two letters. Both omega and gamma. You then introduce Omega at the end of this page as well as again in the next section. Also as far as I have been able to tell I can't find in this lesson any mention of gamma?

Also I found it more straight forward to learn the letter or letters first and then introduce a word with the new letters in it. So for this lesson I think having one page for Omega and the one page for Gamma would be easier to follow. Then have this page which introduces the word "I".

This is where ego comes from.