Lesson 1

In this first lesson we will learn a few words and start to learn the alphabet.

One the first page for every Day's work is the hand out for the day. It is a pdf file you can download and print. You will need to have Adobe's free Reader to view and print the handouts.

Download study guide



Well done! Good to see this resource. This will help with trying to teach our children the Biblical languages when they can best learn languages (i.e. before 12 years of age, like the Continental Europeans, not like we Brits and Americans traditionally do). Elsewhere you say, "And by the way, why learn Latin when you can learn Greek? Contrary to popular opinion, Latin is not the base language behind English. So if you are into a classical education for your children, why not get them ready to read the Bible instead of Caesar's Gallic Wars?" I couldn't agree more. Let's give them a Biblical Christian education, rather than a merely classical one! Better than wars, myths and general immorality. Any word of Hebrew for Kids?

There is lots of stuff for modern Hebrew, but I don't know about biblical.

I was just wondering if Hebrew would be available anytime.

Not here. But there re lots of people working on this in modern Hebrew.

Try the website hebrew4christians.net (it mightbe dotcom).  Fantastic resource, and free.

 I am thrilled to find this site. I have been working on making some sheets for my own kids see
looks like I am reinventing the wheel! Looking forward to continuing on with our Greek Study aided by this wonderful resource.
Homeschool Mum of 8
PS I did have some trouble with the log in however it seems to have been resolved